How a Branding Video Can Help Increase Your Leads

The video is a very strong lead generation tool. This is the reason why it is gaining popularity with companies in different industries such as technology, healthcare, higher education, real estate, and hospitality.  There are three ways to make your video generate leads proving it is beneficial to produce content for your business via corporate video production that will increase your business’s reputation and generate leads.

1. Campaign Landing Pages

There are two stages in effective marketing. The first stage is attracting the prospects and the second stage is converting him to be an actual user of your products and services. Now, landing pages are created for conversion purposes. This is the reason why you need to grab the prospect’s attention first by a catchy and memorable video.

Supposing you want an audience to read a guide but they first have to download it, this is possible by luring them with the use of a video that is both captivating and funny. Grab your audiences’ attention by making a video that they will actually watch. There is no need to explain everything about your guide in the video; you have the landing page to take care of it. After watching the video, they feel more committed to what you offer and will most likely to proceed to the landing page content.

2. Educational, High-Value Content

Most of these types of videos are accompanied by an email gate or full form gate. Before the viewers can watch the video, they first have to sign-up using their contact details. This is the reason why you need to communicate to them clearly and convincingly the value of the content of the video. Creating email gates is like teasing the prospect to sign-up to access a valuable content.

3. Product /Demo Videos

A video showing how a product is being used is called a demo video. It is one of the most frequently visited videos on the internet.  Therefore, it is also one of the most effective ways to capture leads. Contrary to high-value content, here you don’t need a “gate” for them to access the video. You have to provide the video content for free because the viewers need to know first what they are signing-up for. When trying to capture a lead, try to devise other ways not to get their contact details up front. Instead of asking for the usual info like name, email address and phone number, use demo videos to learn more about the prospect. Ask them what type of technology they need or how many products they think they need monthly. Ask them for their contact details at the end. This strategy allows you to better qualify your lead.